Our Farms


Eclipse Berry Farms strawberries are grown on 1,500 acres in Oxnard, California, 650 acres in Salinas, California, and 750 acres in Zamora, Mexico. Additionally, Eclipse Berry Farms grape tomatoes are grown in Oxnard and Mexico. Located in Ventura County, the Oxnard region produces nearly one-third of the state’s supply of strawberries and is considered one of most fertile areas in the world. Shipments of strawberries from Oxnard begin between late December and the middle of January, depending upon the local weather conditions. Salinas, 260 miles north of Oxnard, lies on the Southeastern side of the Monterey Bay. The Salinas area accounts for nearly one-half of the acres used for strawberry production in California. Shipments in these areas begin around May or June and run through November.

Oxnard growing operations are completely run and controlled by Eclipse Berry Farms staff. The Head of Growing has worked with the Company since its inception and oversees all onsite growing along with his team of talented people. Grape tomato production allows the year-round retention of key laborers, ensuring that well-trained individuals control the quality of growing and picking operations.

Mexican growing operations of strawberries and grape tomatoes are managed through joint ventures with Mexican partners. Eclipse Berry Farms supplies materials for growing and stations farm managers on Mexican locations, while Mexican joint-venture partners provide labor throughout the growing process. The Company has gained valuable knowledge through its partnerships and experience in Mexico.